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BEDSCAPES are firmly grounded in environmental psychological research and are, themselves, the subject of a growing number of new and exciting robust scientific studies. (See sidebar for the latest research results.) BEDSCAPES are based on two related avenues of scientific research, one that demonstrate the healing power of nature and the other, of deep relaxation. Since BEDSCAPES use the power of nature to promote patient relaxation, they combine both areas of scientific inquiry.

While the healing power of nature has been known through the ages, recent scientific studies have shown this power to be greater than we ever imagined. The BEDSCAPES' selection of nature scenes were made in consultation with Roger Ulrich, PhD and others. In 1984, Dr. Ulrich reported that patients who had bedside views of nature had briefer hospital stays and needed less medication (Science, 1984).

In 1992 Dr. Ulrich and his colleague Russ Parsons, PhD, reported that "visual exposure to (nature) settings has produced significant recovery from stress within only five minutes, as indicated by changes in physiological measures such as blood pressure and muscle tension."("Influence of Passive Experiences with Plants on Individual Well-Being and Health" in Felf, D. (ed.) 1992, The Role of Horticulture in Human Well-Being and Social Development, Portland, OR; Timber Press, p. 102).

Although not strictly speaking, a "natural" environment, BEDSCAPES triggers the innate human response to nature which is to relax, recharge, and restore, even within the confines of a healthcare facility. Patients, their families and their attending clinicians have repeatedly attested to observing similar relaxing effects from Bedscapes within just a few minutes.

The use of sound for purposes of relaxation is also well established. Yosaif August's innovation is in combining "biophilic" nature sights and sounds and bringing to the patient's bedside in a practical and flexible way. This innovation was deemed so distinctive and unique, that it was granted multiple patents by the U.S. Patent Office. As reported in the British journal The Lancet (Vol.353, Number 9162, 24 April, 1999), preliminary results from a randomized controlled study of Bedscapes for cardiac catheterization patients(see below), showed the most dramatic stress reducing benefits for patients who were exposed to both the nature sights and sounds of Bedscapes.

BEDSCAPES help patients experience two types of relaxation: psychological and physiological.

Psychological relaxation
- feeling calmer, more serene
- relief from anxiety
- relief from pain
- ease of sleep

Physiological Relaxation
- indicated by reduction of blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate


The Environments Using Bedscapes Research Results About  Bedscapes Ordering Bedscapes Contact Bedscapes Home Page