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Improved Clinical Outcomes - (See Research Results)

Improved Patient and Family Satisfaction - The Labor and Delivery area of Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City uses BEDSCAPES to help their patients manage labor pain. In a pilot project they surveyed 29 patients, asking them to rate their BEDSCAPES experience on a scale of "1" to "10." 27 of them rated it from "7" to "10"; 15 rated it "9" or "10. In the triage area, 4 women actually fell asleep while experiencing BEDSCAPES!

Enhanced Regulatory (esp. JCAHO) Compliance Strategies

    Pain Management - BEDSCAPES help patients manage their pain by helping them relax and by providing them with a "positive distraction" (See Research Results)

    "Environment of Care" - Standards, recently enhanced, which emphasize creating a "supportive environment: for patients, staff members and other individuals in the facility. BEDSCAPES relate to several dimensions of these standards e.g. "orientation and access to nature and the outside" " control" " privacy - visual and auditory" " color"

    Restraint-free environments - Mandates to reduce physical and pharmacological restraints. This is especially targeted to the care of residents with Alzheimer's and dementia. BEDSCAPES have been cited as a proactive way to relax residents and thereby serve as an early intervention to head off "catastrophic reactions" when residents "sundown."

BEDSCAPES are flexible - They provide comfort and nurturing anywhere the patient is: in bed, in a chemotherapy recliner, during hydrotherapy or bathing, or anywhere the patient spends time waiting e.g. in a pre or post procedure holding area. Over fifty hospitals, nursing homes, rehab facilities and hospices are demonstrating the diverse setting that BEDSCAPES can be successfully used in. These include all acute care and long term care patient/resident rooms. In addition are the many specialty areas including ER, ICU, Cardiac Catheterization, Ventilator units, Recovery areas, and Labor and Delivery and Chemotherapy. In long term care, BEDSCAPES are also used in patient rooms and in therapeutic activities for residents with Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia.

BEDSCAPES are safe and code compliant. Fire retardancy. They meet FR 701 small and large scale testing Hygienic standards. They are fully washable to 160 degrees Fahrenheit (no bleaching), they maintain their color brilliance even after repeated launderings.

BEDSCAPES are easy to use. They can be installed in minutes, requiring no special skill or hardware. The BEDSCAPES photomural can be mounted on a cubicle curtain or a portable floor stand (available from HEI).


The Environments Using Bedscapes Research Results About  Bedscapes Ordering Bedscapes Contact Bedscapes Home Page